Crystal Clear COMCIT Elite

The simultaneous action and rapid infusion of potent actives combining plant stem cells and low molecular weight hyaluronic serum, stimulates new collagen production, significantly reduces lines and wrinkles and rejuvenates skin texture and firmness. As chemical-intensive treatments such as muscle relaxants and fillers increasingly fall out of favour, some clients are now looking towards non-surgical treatments, or so called ‘Notox’ facials.

H20 GLOW (50 Minutes) - £70

The H20 Glow facial delivers freezing cold oxygen throughout the epidermis to nourish and invigorate skin cells, while the COMCIT Microchanneling action allows Hyaluronic Acid to reach deeper dermal layers via microchannels; plumping and re-balancing the skin from the inside out.

FROZEN FACIAL (60 Minutes) - £80

Enjoy a full cleanse and gentle exfoliation, followed by our ground-breaking COMCITTM treatment, using simultaneous infusion of Cryo-Oxygen and a Hyaluronic serum that is packed with plant stem cells and delivered into the lower level of the skin through a closed circuit blast of freezing cold oxygen.

ACNE TARGETING (60 Minutes) - £80

This proactive treatment stimulates the synthesis of the epidermal cells, reducing redness and inflammation, and allowing skin to take on a whole new radiance.

CLEAR & BRIGHT (60 Minutes) - £80

Our pigmentation diminishing facial uses powerful skin brightening/lightening actives to tackle pigmentation and uneven skin tone. The infusion is packed with a unique and powerful active skin lightening ingredient (Neurolighta) proven to help rebalance uneven skin tone.

BODY CONTOUR (40 Minutes) - £50

Ideal for reducing the appearance of cellulite while improving skin tone and texture.


 (60 Minutes) - £80

Helps to visibly reduce stretch marks and scarring. Making tiny channels in the skin is not sufficient damage to cause a scar but it is enough for the body to trigger a healing response that sets about re-modelling scar tissue for a smoother, less visible scar.

ARM REJUVENATION (40 Minutes) - £50

The perfect treatment for smoothing and firming thin, lax or dimply skin on the upper arms.

We recommend a course of 6 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart to get the best results.

Oxygen Therapy

The Needle Free Botox Alternative

We all know that no miracle cream can give us glowing skin overnight and that layers of makeup are not going to cut it when it comes to achieving that beautifully fresh, ‘just walked in the park’ kind of glow. Crystal Clear’s ground-breaking treatment is just the ticket when your skin needs a quick shot of Oxygen, the elixir of life. Oxygen – a breath of fresh air for congested complexions. Ideal for city dwellers, this rejuvenating treatment ‘feeds’ cells starved of precious oxygen, creating reservoirs of hydration that restore radiance and counteract fatigue.

Think of a shot of Botox without the needle. Ideal for skin that looks lacklustre or is simply worn out. Results are amazing with skin looking instantly lifted, firmer and plumped, and lines and wrinkles visibly reduced. Skin takes on a whole new glow.

Oxygen Therapy 55 Minutes - £55

Oxygen Therapy with Dermaplaning - 70 Minutes - £65

Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing​

Non surgical permanent fat cell removal.  By cooling the problem area down to a specific temperature stubborn fat cells are eliminated and are flushed out of the body through your lymphatic system via natural waste.  Painless, 1 hour treatment time.

To achieve required results you must be committed to drinking 2 litres of water per day, have a healthy lifestyle & massage the treated area for 2-3 minutes per day.

Fat freezing is a clinically prove treatment. Fat cells take anywhere between 7-20 days to pass through as waste, therefore your best results are anywhere between 10-12 weeks after you have completed the required sessions for your area of concern. Areas that can be treated are upper and lower stomach, love handles, flanks, bingo wings, inner and outer thigh- males, we can treat chest area also. 60 minute treatment.

we recommend a course of at least 3 treatments per area to achieve optimum results (you must wait at least 7 days in between treating the same area)


1 Cup £80

4 Cups £280

8 Cups £550

12 Cups £800

1 Month unlimited £1000






HIFU Non Surgical Facelift

Non-invasive skin firming treatment excellent results on mild amounts of skin laxity.  HIFU therapy stimulates collagen production in the skins foundation, resulting in a significant lift of tissue over the following 2-3 months.  This treatment requires no creams, toxins or dermal fillers.  No downtime. 


Full Face £399  (60 minutes)

Lower Face £199 (40 minutes)

Neck £199 (30 minutes)

Chin £150 (20 minutes) 

Face & Neck £499 (1hr 15 minutes)

HIFU Skin & Body Tightening

(High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) Body firming is a non-invasive treatment that delivers and deposits energy deep within the skin, at the optimal temperature for collagen regeneration. You will see a slight immediate change, however HIFU takes up to three months for the optimum results to be visible.

Redness and swelling of the area may occur for up to 48hours post treatment.  


Chest £199  (30 minutes)

Stomach £250 (40 minutes )

Bingo Wings £250 (40 minutes)

Thighs £250 (40 minutes)

we recommend a course of at least 2 treatments per area to achieve optimum results (these treatments must be spaced 4 weeks apart)